Home Improvement 3 Reasons

Home improvement is critical to maintaining a home. Improving your home may even be the only option available in a down real estate market where it can be nearly impossible to sell a home. For those who are on the fence about making big improvement investments, consider carefully why this may be one of the best things you do for yourself and your home.

 Home Improvement Adds Value

One of the easiest ways to benefit from adding a few home improvement projects to your home is the fact that you can easily benefit from the added value. For example, adding a deck, porch or repairing a room can help to make your home’s value higher. Major construction projects, such as remodeling a kitchen are also options you have to add value, but there is usually not as much value added as the project itself costs. Real estate agents estimate that a kitchen remodel can add about 75 percent to 80 percent of the improvement’s cost to the value of the home.

 Your Home Is More Livable

Another reason to look towards home improvement is the value added to your day-to-day life. Perhaps you are tired of having drafty windows. You may even have some improvements that are health risks, such as leaky ceilings or moldy basements. In these instances, you will greatly improve your quality of life by making the changes in your home. Most people will benefit from the improvements they do because they will choose projects that fit their tastes. What would you like to see improve in your home? What would make your home more comfortable or better fitting to your lifestyle? You can, and should, incorporate these projects.

 Sell Your Home Faster

In some instances, individuals are hoping to sell their homes. Making a few minor home improvement projects top priority can help you to sell your home quickly. A fresh coat of paint or improving the broken aspects of the home will make the home more attractive to buyers. In a highly competitive market, your home should look as pristine as possible to home buyers. Do keep this type of home improvement to a neutral design. You want the homebuyers to be able to see themselves living in your home.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider a home improvement project or two. The bottom line is, your home is your castle. If you want to ensure it gives you what you want, sometimes you have to do some updating, fixing or remodeling. Usually, this type of project pays off, more so than not. If you have not done any projects recently, consider what you could do. Your options may be endless!

your own General Contractor

A home owner can save money by being the general contractor in the home remodeling project. The tasks the general contractor do is to coordinate all the hired workers and services. They also help find the financing for the improvements and manage the different areas of the improvements to make sure everyone is completing the tasks on time.

Some financial institutions do not like the homeowner to be the general contractor since the homeowner does not always have the knowledge to have all the tasks completed on time or properly, yet for many people who are time conscience they can be the general contractor. To avoid the possible issues with the bank, it is a good idea to have the money available so you do not have to use a bank for financing or to verify with the bank they do not have requirements for an outside general contractor to be hired.

To decide if you can be the general contractor, start by checking with your local building inspector to see what the requirements are for the electrical, plumbing, and building regulations. The building inspector will provide the needed information so you can make the right decision. Some areas only allow licensed professional to do the work so this may be an issue you will need to address prior to starting any project.

Once you find out if you can be the general contractor, you will need to submit the plans for the remodeling to the building inspector. The plans will clearly state all the project involves including the changes to be made and any professional hired to do the tasks. Do not become discouraged if you need to return several times to the building inspector if you have not ever done this kind of work before. There are many little details to consider with every remodeling and you will learn as you go.

Some of the major remodeling that require an inspection either after the completion of the project or during different steps of the remodeling include foundation work, framing including doors, windows, and roofing, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and any final inspection. There are different requirements for every area so always verify what the requirements are before starting any project.

Some locations require with any new addition to have the current septic system enlarged or altered to allow for the added space to the home. This is an additional cost to the homeowner and present problems if they have not considered the needed changes to the septic system. If the home is on city sewer, it can delay the home improvements since the city has requirements of the modifications, which will take longer to have all the aspects of the modifications made.